So This - 2018

Solo Exhibition at Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA
August 2 – September 8, 2018

The sculpture in “So This” is both formal and disposable. Simple, legible, and minimal in design, the materials used are found wood and objects including plastic buckets, glass containers, clothing, buttons, chain, and cement block. The work explores states of coexistence and contexts informed by construction, arrangement, and contrast. A series of paintings on found paper inspired by tantra paintings is also presented. Using the inverted triangle shape—the symbol for female power—these diagrams support visionary imaginative processes such as a female-centered future.

Monument to the Precariat 1-3

All-One (Sun), Heap, All-One (Sky)

All-One (Sun), Heap

Installation View 1

Monument to the Precariat 1-3 + All-One (Sun)

Installation View 2

Room to Dream

Holding On (detail)

Holding On (full)

Room to Dream,
Jar Index

Jar Index

Jar Index

Yoni Paintings 6 + 7

Yoni Paintings 2

Yoni Paintings 4

Yoni Paintings 5

All-One (Sky)

All-One (Sun)