Kathleen King

  • Berkeley, CA

“All space is occupied by the enemy. We are living under a permanent curfew. Not just the cops—the geometry” –Raoul Vaneigem

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Influenced by sources from Constructivism to Arte Povera to African-American quilts, Kathleen King makes assemblages, sculpture, and installations that explore states of coexistence, contingency and control. Attention is drawn to how we make our social environments and in turn are made by them.

King transforms discarded materials through arrangement and strategies--interlocking, piling, stacking, hanging, and leaning--often drawing inspiration from urban surroundings to reference construction sites, architecture, streets, signage and fences.

King has developed a visual vocabulary that connects once valuable, now discarded materials with the precarities we encounter in our current personal, social and political contexts. The works juxtapose, engage, and balance, challenging viewers into empathy with sculptural objects and with each other.

Kathleen King was born in Oakland, CA and has a BA in Art from the University of California, Berkeley. Her work has been exhibited at Mercury 20 Gallery, The Compound Gallery, Pro Arts, the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art and the City of Berkeley’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Building. Her work is represented in numerous private collections.