Around + About - 2017


Around + About, solo show


Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA


July 27 – Sept. 2, 2017

This body of work is concerned with social programming and conformity as they relate to contemporary individuals. Working in the intersection of place, space and materials, the artist draws attention to how people make their social environments and are in turn made by them.

The works use manufactured wood found in dumpsters and building sites, other objects found on city streets, and spray paint. Materials, form and construction are valued for authenticity, simplicity, and transparency. In formal terms, the work questions construction; how a piece of art can be built, and these constructions resonate with how a human life can be lived.

Arguing with Success, in three parts, 2017, wood, spray paint

Red Horse, 2017, wood, spray paint

Uncanny Sculpture, 2017, wood, spray paint, cans

Holy Ghost, 2017, wood, spray paint

Crane: Soft Subversion, 2017, wood, textiles

Margin, 2017, found objects

Not for Sale Sign, 2017, wood, wire, textile

See-Thru, 2017, wood, spray paint, 24 x 24"

She Don’t Fade #2, 2017, wood, spray paint, 24 x 24"

Installation view